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We will be sharing information about our project on this page, so please do come back to find out more news. 

We would also love to see your items and hear your stories so if you have anything you would like to share with us, please email your story to and if you would like to include a picture of the item just send it as an attachment. We will then put your story on here to share with others.


29 February 2016

We have just completed our latest tour and have put our props away until we get further funding for the project.  Here are a few memories from the trip:





Gaye Poole and Stella Ross in character at the High Flyers Club in Kidlington; Waiting for the show to start!; Gaye Poole, Amy Enticknap and Stella Ross as seen from backstage.  (Photos by Josh Tomalin) Gaye and Stella getting technical notes from Stage Manager, Josh Tomalin (Photo by Amy Enticknap). 




Memories from the audiences and our set.  (Photos by Amy Entickmap)



1 February 2016

We have had another long gap but we have just had a small tour of south Oxfordshire with our show and workshop.  As always, it has been a great pleasure and delight to work with people in the care home settings, both the clients and the staff and volunteers who have been so helpful in setting the project up.

We have had some great feedback including:

"A huge thank you to you all for the most wonderful day that you gave our clients.

 They throughly enjoyed themselves, they loved the play and the reminiscing over all their memories.

 So on behalf of my staff and volunteers again a huge thank you and we look forward to welcoming you again in the near future." 

Hazel Childs, Community Day Opportunities Coordinator, High Flyers Club, Kidlington


"My mother-in-law enjoyed it very much and was thinking about what she could have brought along to share. She particularly enjoyed the musical contributions.

 I was very impressed with how you held the group, made each contribution important and valid and engaged so brilliantly with them all."

Daughter of Client

We were also featured on That's Oxford TV:



20 April 2015

It is a long time since we have posted as we have been involved with other work and also raising funds to carry on with our project.  We are delighted that we have just completed a small tour with the Sanctuary Housing.  We visited 8 of their venues, delivering a workshop in the morning and the play in the afternoon.  

The interactive workshop was delivered in the morning, using music and drama, and was led by Arne Richards, Isabel Knowland and Gaye Poole. Participants were invited to bring along a photo or object which had significance for them and share the story.  Many of these were included in the play in the afternoon, as objects in the ‘shop’.



During lunch, which was provided by the centres, the performers and participants shared stories and food together.  This was a key part of this process, to engage with and make the participants feel important, listened to and to have fun.  It was also an important way to engage with the people who were more shy about speaking out within the group. 

In the afternoon, two actors, Amy Enticknap and Stella Ross, completed the cast and the play was be performed.

The following photos were taken by Josh Tomalin, who was one of our stage managers, along with Will Gardner.





We are carrying out a full evaluation of the project and planning for our next tour!


16th September 2013

Sam Hamper has put together a great video with clips of the show and the play's writer, Gaye Poole, talking about the themes of the play and why it is important.  You can see the video on YouTube.

We are currently working with several groups to see if we can get the play and workshops performed further in Oxfordshire and other counties.  If you would be interested in helping to fund the production, please get in touch! 


31 July 2013 

The performances have come to an end now, but we are delighted that they went so well.  The next part of the project will be a follow up workshop at each centre with Arne Richards and Isabel Knowland.  They will be building on the theme of reminiscence using music as the spur.

We have had great feedback on the play and will be putting together an evaluation report.  We will be using this to raise more funding so that we can perform the play throughout Oxfordshire and other counties.


The whole castAmy Enticknap

     The whole cast: Gaye Poole, Stella Ross, Amy Enticknap,                                         Amy Enticknap

                Isabel Knowland, Arne Richards


Stella RossGaye Poole

    Stella Ross watching one of the films included in the show                                          Gaye Poole


Arne RichardsGaye Poole and Stella Ross

                                  Arne Richards                                                             Gaye Poole and Stella Ross



22 July 2013

The performances are going extremely well at day centres, with the cast playing even in the heat - poor Stella has to wear a winter coat at one point!  Here are some images from the show on Friday 19 July at Hinton Waldrist.


Amy Enticknap as Alice's daughter and Gaye Poole as Alice Stella Ross as GladysGaye Poole as Mary

            Amy Enticknap & Gaye Poole                                        Stella Ross                                                  Gaye Poole    



                         Gaye Poole & Stella Ross                                            Amy Enticknap, Gaye Poole and Stella Ross



8 July 2013: 

This is an exciting week, when we give our first two performances of Memory Exchange!  We are loading up the van with the set and props and going to two day care centres in Oxfordshire.  Over the next couple of weeks, we will give six performances in total.  At present, the performances are being given, along with workshops, to the clients at day care centres, but we are hoping that we will get funding to enable us to perform the play at public venues so that more people can see it. 



Gaye is already on the road, delivering the first workshops prior to the performances.  These are reminisence workshops using words and images to engage the older people in day centres.  This is a workshop to introduce the forthcoming performances.



We have had a lovely rehearsal week with our great team!  Aside from Gaye, Arne and Isabel, we were joined by actors Amy Enticknap  and Stella Ross.  This is the cast which will be visiting 6 centres in July with the play.  Our Director is Katie Reid with Cecilia Macfarlane as choreographer and Lisa Thoma as set designer.  The team is completed by Sam Harper who has made some video films for use in the play.

Amy Enticknap - actor / cellist

Amy Enticknap (actor / cellist)

Amy trained at The Oxford School of Drama.  Amy is passionate about radio drama (a dream job: to be in The Archers!)  Meanwhile her work for Radio 4 includes: One Chord Wonder, Blitzkrieg Bop, Giles Wemmbley Hogg.  She recently recorded the audiobook Sparrow by Michael Morpurgo and works regularly as a voice-over artist.  Latest theatre includes: Great Expectations & Lazarus (Cheltenham Everyman), In The Steps of The Mitfords (SLG/Chipping Norton), The House of Bernarda Alba & The Yellow Wallpaper (Red Dog), Many Loves (Lilian Baylis), Macbeth (Middle East Tour).  Screen appearances: Dinotopia (Hallmark), the lead role in Princess Margaret: A Love Story (BBC), Safe Zone (Cannes 2008), and earlier this year Amy was decorated in tattoos for a short film playing the Prime Minister’s wife!  (Her nick name is Mouse, and she lives in The Mouse House in East Oxford). 

1372070447-stella small.jpg

Stella Ross (actor)

For almost 20 years Stella ran her own cleaning company, 'Dustbusters' and was a voice artist, specialising in the dreaded automatic voice response systems.  But in 2007, proving that life begins at 50, she gave up cleaning and went to The Bristol Old Vic Theatre School.  Since then, TV Credits include: 'In Love

with Barbara' (BBC 4).  Recent Theatre: A Month in the Country (Tobacco Factory), Jean in Dinnerladies (UK Tour).  Stella has continued with the voice work and is still letting you know, 'the advisors are busy', ' your call is important to us', 'you now have 6 options', 'Please choose,’ Please press ', ' We're busy' , We're closed..’ etc etc....Sound familiar?