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The project is the brainchild of Gaye Poole. Gaye worked successfully with the Oxford Concert Party on several projects and both parties wanted to build on their existing relationship to collaborate on this project.

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Memory Exchange is a one hour play about ageing, treasured mementoes and associated memories.  It is based in an Age UK charity shop which is given a make-over.  Every item of clothing and piece of bric a brac has its’ unique story to tell and pass on to their new owners who will create their own unique memories.

The play is designed to be performed in day centres, small theatres and other venues.  It is aimed at older people and will offer them opportunities to:

  • engage in fully accessible and high quality arts experiences led by professional performers
  • experience the positive effects of engaging with live arts
  • give them a shared activity which they can talk about with other members of their group
  • have their memories jogged, encouraging them to think and talk and extend long term memory

The play is performed by 5 professional actors and musicians.

In addition, if working with day centres, the project can be delivered over three sessions, bookended with a workshop by Gaye Poole  and a music workshop with Arne Richards and Isabel Knowland.


Contact Us

If you are interested in booking this project, have any questions, or would like to send us your images and stories, please contact us by email on info@memoryexchangeoxford.co.uk or fill in the enquiry form on our contact page.